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Dried Flower Wreaths
Sustainably Grown 

Support Organic Growing
All my garden flowers may not have originated from phosphorus-free sources but once planted in my garden, all flowers are grown organically.

Love a Mother
When I first laid eyes on my daughter, Elissa, I knew I was meant to be her mother. Now I know that I am also to be working with flowers. I am grateful that MY mother was such a beautiful woman...it is her lovely picture, taken in 1929, that graces my table wreath photographs.

Support Local Arts
Wreaths often represent a circle of hope with no beginning and no end. I grew up surrounded by creative family members, loving music and art from an early age. Years ago, my hand-painted scarves were carried by a few upscale New York city boutiques and my "cheek art"- lightweight large paper earrings, were sold in Southern California and Seattle Nordstrom, and Macys in the Bay Area. Now that I am semi-retired and have more time for my garden, I'm happy there's no end in sight!

Customer Testimonial
"Oh my goodness....this wreath is more beautiful in person than pictured...a true work of art! I am so pleased! I love it! Thank you, thank you! A special thanks for the fabulous packaging that truly protected my little treasure ~ I couldn't be more pleased! You are an artist for sure!" customer, Patti Hicks, May 2012

Contact Me
Catherine Carey
Whatcom County, WA 98247

About Serenity Wreaths 
I'm Catherine Clausen Carey and I love my flowers SO much, that I dry them so they are around much longer. I live in Whatcom County simply and joyfully.  My contact info is here.
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I'd love to make a custom wreath for you! 
Goodness in our World
No Chemicals
I do not coat my flowers with floral sprays as these preservatives are harmful to our environment. When my flowers are displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight, they will last for many years.