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Dried Flower Wreaths
Sustainably Grown
"Drifting Sands"
"Drifting Sands" with candle
"Drifting Sands" with picture frame
"Drifting Sands" close up
Table Wreaths
"Lost Summer"
"Lost Summer" with candle
"Lost Summer" with picture frame
"Lost Summer" close up
Drifting Sands
Lost Summer
"Nature's Door"
"Nature's Door" with candle
"Nature's Door" with picture frame
"Nature's Door" close up
Nature's Door
Sustainably grown collections, one-of-a-kind dried flower table wreaths make thoughtful gifts for many occasions. They are lovely as festive table centerpieces and are terrific conversation starters as they are locally produced using sustainable practices. Prices for my table wreaths range from $45.00 to $85.00. 

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"Sundown" with candle
"Sundown" with picture frame
"Sundown" close-up
"Golden Years"
"Golden Years" with candle
"Golden Years" with frame
"Golden Years" detail
Golden Years
"Reaching Home" center
"Reaching Home" with candle
"Reaching Home" with frame
"Reaching Home" detail
Reaching Home