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Dried Flower Wreaths
Sustainably Grown
"Central Park"
"Central Park" crown
"Central Park" detail
"Whispering Winds" crown
"Whispering Winds" detail
"Augustine's Headress"
"Augustine's Headress" crown
"Augustine's Headress" detail

copyright 2012 Serenity Wreaths 

"Peasant Faire"
"Peasant Faire" crown
"Peasant Faire" detail
"Grace" crown
"Grace" detail
"Winter's Blush"
"Winter's Blush" crown
"Winter's Blush" detail
"Tipsied Pink Champagne" crown
"Tipsied Pink Champagne" detail
Canary grass, Larkspur, Miscanthus, Goldenrod, Lichen, translucent Lunaria, Ornamental Oregano 

Horsetails sip it up while Lambs Ear and Dusty Miller tempt Horsetail, Echinacea cones and white Larkspur with intoxicating froth. Star of Fire astrantia bubble up from Lichen sphere. Slivers of Black Mondo Grass spill, and pink Larkspur titters and teeters. 

Encouraging medieval frolicking rather than a feast, unknowing fowl feathers attempt to hide behind braid-like ornamental Barley. The varied greens of Lichen, Moss and Alder cones welcome the blush of burgundy and Autumn Joy sedum as they join the festivities.
Much like my playful Aunt Grace, bold purple Larkspur bolts from a tamed palette. Apple mint, with stems of perfectly rounded knobs, swoop out from Miscanthus and white Larkspur. Throughout Lichen, frothy Goldenrod tip up and sway back within circle dance.
Autumn Palette amaranth, Spanish nigella, Queen Anne's lace nests and copper Marigolds support a thrust of Fennel seeds.

Pale, peaceful, camel-colored Miscanthus prop up sprigs of irridescent Lunaria; Lambs Ear nudge up to delicate ornamental Oregano.
The hustle and bustle of Miscanthus, Larkspur, Amaranth, Sea Holly, Savannah leonotis, and Salvia surround calming Hydrangea.
​Wall Wreaths  
Pictured here are examples of wreaths I have made; these are no longer for sale and now serve as examples to inspire you. They are typically about 25" wide and custom wreaths range from $50.00 to $150.00 Please contact me for additional information.
To view slideshow of wreath series below main image, click on left image.

"Meadow Sunset"
"Meadow Sunset" crown
"Meadow Sunset" detail
Meadow grasses, Barley, Rye, Lichen, Amaranth, Silver Mound artesmia, Artesmia lactiflora, Marigolds, Chinese Lanterns
"Brazen Trumpets" detail
"Brazen Trumpets" detail
A cluster of Goldenrod branches, like the cocky hat on a jester, butt in to the dance of bright red Strawflowers sprinkled on a bed of Moss, Lichen and Fennel flowers. Purple Larkspur stand up and cheer!
"Lindy Hop"
"Lindy Hop" crown
"Lindy Hop" detail
Moves and shakes with the best of them, angular Horsetails provide strong arms for Amaranth air throws as they wiggle through Lichen. Sunset Marigolds entice shy Alder cones to the dance floor.
Serenity Wreath Ordering Info
These wreaths are custom one-of-a-kind orders. To order one of my wreaths, please contact me - I would love to hear from you. 
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"Falling Suns"
"Falling Suns" close-up
"Falling Suns" detail
Ornamental black-tipped wheat, Chinese Lanterns, African Bride nigella, Spanish nigella, Scabiosa stellata

Brazen Trumpets
Central Park
Augustine's Headress
Peasant Faire
Tipsied Pink Champagne
Meadow Sunset
Falling Suns
Winter's Blush
"Elf Caves"
"Elf Caves" detail
"Elf Caves" detail
Elf Caves
Resting on a bed of Fennel amidst Pearly Everlasting, Strawberry Seduction and Paprika yarrow, Bells of Ireland transform into homes for little creatures made from fimo. 
"Riding Into The Night"
"Riding Into The Night" detail
"Riding Into The Night" detail
Riding Into The Night
Sitting atop a round of Willow branches, Horsetails whip out behind purple Larkspur and Goldenrod. Chinese Lanterns beckon ahead.
Lindy Hop
Whispering Winds
Inner Glow
"Inner Glow"
"Inner Glow" detail
"Inner Glow" detail of wreath crown
Larkspur, Fern-leaf yarrow, Alder cones, Lavender, Marigolds, Strawberry Seduction yarrow

"Blissfully Blue"
"Blissfully Blue" detail
"Blissfully Blue" detail
Eucalyptus, Foxtail brome, 
Gaillardia, Pincushion scabiosa, 
Radar Love clematis

Blissfully Blue
Marsh Tales detail
Marsh Tales detail
Feathers, ornamental Black-tipped wheat, Hare’s Tail, Lichen, Moss, Teasel

Cobblestone Latte detail
Cobblestone Latte detail
Marsh Tales
Cloud grass, Feathers, Lichen,
Alder cones, Spanish nigella

Cobblestone Latte
Princess Eldora detail
Princess Eldora detail
Princess Eldora
Larkspun detail
Larkspun detail
Larkspur, Ornamental Oregano,
Blue Globe thistle, Brazilian sage

Ruby grass, Black Mondo grass, Korean Feather grass, threaded Lichen, Hare’s Tail, Frenzy, Rye

Tipsied Pink Champagne
Dried Flower Wreaths
Sustainably Grown